Boot Camp Baby!!!

Note To Self: This is not a note to self.

Ladies and Gentlemen, many of you know me as: Moni B-the world-class chef/high fashion model/academic scholar/comedian/all around badass/sarcasm ninja.  But perhaps you were unaware that I am also a fitness instructor.  Indeed, I derive great pleasure from making people contort their bodies, endure pain, and occasionally expel bodily fluids depending on the type/intensity of workout.  But please, don’t let this deter you from utilizing my services.

On a more serious note, I wanted to make all of you aware that I am going to be starting a summer Boot Camp within the next month.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll be scoping out locations to make this happen.  I already have some interest since I have been throwing the idea around for a while.  If you are unfamiliar with Boot Camp style training its really quite simple.  You engage in a variety of exercises at a high-level of intensity for varying lengths of time.  The idea is to get as many muscle groups as possible.  It’s an intense workout that will absolutely whip you into shape.  There are no weights or equipment–just your own body.

A word of caution: while anyone can engage in Boot Camp style training, provided they have no hindering medical conditions, this can be pretty intense. If you are looking for something low impact and aren’t keen on breaking a sweat then this isn’t for you.  Try the Hula Chair.  BUT if you want to burn tons of calories, tone up, and look FREAKING AWESOME then this is right up your alley.

I am in the beginning stages of organizing this so I will definitely keep you posted.

Currently, I offer private sessions at two locations.  I am an AFAA certified personal trainer.  I am also CPR certified so if your heart stops amidst a burpy, I can save you.  While I am adaptable and work with a range of clients at varying fitness levels, my preference is high intensity, circuit and interval training.  This is what you can expect in my Boot Camp.  If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me via email:

Last note: I’d like to name the Boot Camp something cool and catchy.   I’ll take suggestions and if I use your idea I’ll give you a free one-on-one session.  Looking forward to what you come up with!

Stay tuned…

Moni B Gun Show



  1. lindsay

    i want you to whip my but into shape!!! :O(( aug 5 baby and i will officially be a nashville resident!! 😀 CANT WAIT


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