“Fodder for his demented mind…”

Note to Self: You got yourself into this one.

I don’t understand why you cannot post a freaking taco to your Facebook without inviting a long and drawn out debate on the representation of said taco.

I mean seriously??? Do you see anything wrong with this image? My sister made this for me, knowing my love for tacos. A good deed, indeed.

The following is a transcript for the insanity that took place in the moments following the posting of this taco:

  • Casey Kuper Is that a hairy taco

    Tuesday at 2:48pm ·
  • Monica LaPlante Casey – my sister and i were just discussing how to handle the situation, perchance someone should make a “suggestive” remark regarding this taco. We determined that no one would be that idiotic. We were wrong.

    Tuesday at 2:52pm
  • Jessica LaPlante need i say it? yes: lol.

    Tuesday at 2:56pm ·
  • Monica LaPlante here is what jesi had to say about your commentary, casey: “he would. he’s a gluttonous pervert – it was fodder for his demented mind.”


    Tuesday at 2:56pm ·
  • David Leon Card monica and jessica… COME ON!!! who would post a photo like this??!!! it says “I LOVE TACO!!” and as if that weren’t enough, the taco has HAIRS. IN. IT. you intentionally provoked this entire thing.

    Tuesday at 3:08pm
  • Monica LaPlante Lee – i am really disappointed with the level of maturity you are demonstrating regarding this taco. and that is precisely all that this is, a taco. nothing more, nothing less. although, it should not be surprising…given the nature of your people.

    Tuesday at 3:10pm
  • Monica LaPlante the issue of “hair” is completely debatable. it can be argued that what you wish to interpret as hair, in reality, is the implication of steam emanating from this tasty taco.

    Tuesday at 3:13pm
  • Jessica LaPlante i thought it was poorly illustrated cheese or lettuce. i doubt the validity of a hair taco. sadly, the ambiguity of this taco has led us here. solution incoming.

    Tuesday at 3:18pm
  • Monica LaPlante bob ross would say that, “it’s your world”. the taco is happy. in that, you are free to create the “indication” of hair-like accompaniments to the taco.

    Tuesday at 3:20pm
  • David Leon Card well then, you should really try to find a tastier-looking taco (laughing to himself)…


    Tuesday at 3:30pm
  • David Wilcox I think reading this was the highlight of my day so far.

    Tuesday at 3:30pm
  • Jessica LaPlante look: i’m not going to defend the artistic integrity of this taco. i will however, give my life to defend the right of the artist to draw as many lame tacos as he chooses.

    Tuesday at 3:34pm
  • Monica LaPlante as a matter of fact, i can hardly tell the difference between the picture linked above and this taco. it boggles my mind.

    Tuesday at 3:38pm
  • Jessica LaPlante why did you just post a link to the same damn hairy taco again, monica? jeez…

    Tuesday at 3:39pm
  • Monica LaPlante lol.

    Tuesday at 3:41pm
  • David Wilcox I was going to eat tacos tonight, but I think I will opt for something else now.

    Tuesday at 4:09pm
  • Faithie Whoo you are straight phycho about tacos!!! Lets get some soon:)

    Tuesday at 5:52pm
  • Casey Kuper I actually found hair in a taco once. I do not lie.

    Tuesday at 7:24pm
  • David Leon Card

    Monica, agreed. You’ve heard, “you are what you eat” …this applies now.

    Jessica, very nice follow-up. You are the perfect wingman.

    David, it’s ALWAYS a good night for taco.

    Casey, I doubt we’re having the same discussion


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