Picked by monkeys for your pleasure.

Okay – I’m a sucker for gimmicky, too good to be true sounding things.  Maybe you’ve heard of Oolong – maybe you haven’t.  One of the many ancient Chinese remedies that boast countless health benefits.  But perhaps what is most appealing about this tea is that it has been touted for burning stored fat in your body.  Indeed our market is flooded with products that promise to do just this.  Many of which leave you feeling defeated and fatter than when you started the bogus regime.  So I did some research and all signs pointed towards…probable.  Truthfully, I do not need to lose weight in terms of pounds.  I do however want to slim an area of my body that has not quite bounced back after the birthing of a certain child. To ensure results, I made sure to acquire the highest grade Oolong money can buy: Monkey Picked Oolong.

While the price is definitely NOT right and even shocking, the good news is you can get up to 4 steeps from 1 teaspoon.  If frugal, one could make 8 ounces last well over a month.  And hopefully you will–because 8oz. of Monkey Picked Oolong will run you a whopping $100.  Why should this tea be so unimaginable in price!?!?  Well…those monkeys work hard for their money.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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