Playing With Dimensions

I posted this picture to my sisters facebook wall with the following caption:

Immediately following the application of these special glasses, her mind became boggled as it was opened to the third dimension.

To which my sister replied:

Jessica LaPlante you do realize that the world that you live in is in fact three dimensional, right?

To which I replied, after careful consideration:

Monica LaPlante Trifecta dimensionality is merely a concept thought into application-which in reality exists only in a linear atomic plane. It is outside of this limiting, duo-dimensional(when broken down to the atomic level) state, where the essence of being can be freed from the ‘safety’ and perceived order of dimensionality. Here, we find true and pure dimension in boundless mathematical calculations which ultimately render, E=MC2. Or, you can use the glasses.

To which she replied:

Jessica LaPlante are you high?

What can I say?  Having fun is fun.



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