It’s not fair.

I think it’s accurate to say very few of us skate through life without trial or tribulation.  Actually – I think it would be a gross fallacy to assert that some have it so0o0o00 easy – while others do not.  What I’m getting at is the notion that life, you can rest assured, is not fair.  It’s not fair, at some point, for any of us.

For instance – it’s not fair that this morning while minding my own business at Fido, an elderly gentleman, armed with all the gumption he could muster, decided it wise to attempt a pass at me.  His method?  Approach emoting a coy demeanor, wielding the sheen of his bald forehead – opening line: do you like dark chocolate?  Seriously, it’s not fair that I should be made to endure this before 9 freaking AM.  Ummmmmm – yes I like dark chocolate? (who doesn’t? the odds of a woman answering yes to the question: do you like dark chocolate, are in his favor.  no doubt he calculated these odds before approaching).  And so armed with his Dove dark chocolate – the nightmare ensued.  You can be certain that as an automatic and involuntary response to the encounter, my body language quickly shifted to read: please go away, I am not interested, but thanks for the chocolate.

But it gets even more unfair.  And let me say this – while I understand there is a certain novelty surrounding Asian women – particularly one in the south – you should try and refrain from making loose and mildly racist connections between that woman and things like dragons, oriental anything, rugs, Chinese food, Kim Jong Il, etc.  I’ve heard it all, I’ve been asked every question.  Big shocker here, I’m American.  Nevertheless, the man proceeded to annoy me when he confidently asked,

so besides Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, what else have you been in?

Okay – now I’m about to get violent.  And the only thing I could say to this man was – WOW.  Yea…wow.  You can imagine my distress in realizing this man was not merely trying to give me a piece of chocolate, in a Grandfatherly kind of way, since his age would certainly warrant that.  NO – he had other things in mind.  Because the next thing he asked me was, “SO are you betrothed?”  At this point all I could do was laugh.  I delayed my response hoping to conjure something that would be both truthful, but ultimately put an end to the unfortunate encounter.  Obviously I had to say no – because who the hell is betrothed anymore?  Like yea, check out my dowry.

It was obvious that I was putting out the pheromones of “not interested”.  And to the credit of his persistance he made one last effort in proudly proclaiming, “well – I’m available”.  My response: good for you?  I think he got the point.

So is it fair that I should have to deal with that this not 1 hour out of bed?  Probably not.  Thankfully it has served as great fodder for early morning blogging.  No – life is not fair.  But we can take unfair circumstances and use them to our advantage, turn them into something entertaining, make the best of it.   My life has never been fair, and honestly, I think I prefer it that way.



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