A glitch in the matrix.

I cannot believe I am even writing this.  And perhaps I’ve only dreamt it up.  Oh but If it were only a dream.  A deja vu maybe?  Unfortunately this would not be the case.  Check this out…

If you did not read the previous blog, you must start there first, then continue.

In the wake of the unfortunate encounter I experienced at Fido yesterday, I found myself once again…at Fido.  Love that place.  I met my good pal Sam to discuss some creative projects and was later joined by my dear friend Faith.  Discussions with Sam went well – felt very inspired and excited about some things we are currently brewing.  And oh – what a pleasure to spend some time with my girl Faith  – who I haven’t seen in nearly 3 weeks.  Some normalcy maybe?

Don’t speak so soon, Moni B.  Because out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man fast approaching.  “Please don’t be coming up to me”, I thought to myself.  Nope.  He was aimed for me.  Once the violation of my personal space was fully realized – since he shamelessly inserted his body into it, I braced myself for the opening line:

So – what’s the fusion?  You have an amazing look.

Now mind you, only moments before did my pal Faith finish reading the blog I posted yesterday.  It took everything we had to withhold the laughter conjured by the irony of the situation.  Was this really happening again?  No – seriously.  I quickly made him aware that I was half Korean and my dad was a mutt.  He made some probing comments – no doubt hoping to prompt an ongoing conversation to which I did not oblige him.  All in all – it was a fast transaction and I was grateful to return to my girl time.  We made some jokes and went about our business.

Sadly, this relief would only be short lived.  Within moments of his departure we observed his return – this time with friends in tow.  OH.MY.GOODNESS.  To my shock and appall I realized they were coming to offer us something – no doubt to introduce another painful and unsolicited interaction.  What may you ask were they toting?  Yes – you’ve guessed it: dark chocolate.  You’ve got to be kidding me.

Ladies – we’ve come to share our chocolate…

There is no need to expand upon this.  You get the point.  If this happens again though – I am going to check to see if there is a plug in the back of my head.


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