A thought.

How quickly the tides turn – the delicate balance of life, relationships, productivity – we skillfully marry together to just…work.  Fit this here, bend that there, snuff that out – and oh – I really do need that.

Then you find harmony when all things blend seamlessly together.  Even so, you are aware, despite your assured sense of life’s well oiled machine, it is all balancing on a razors edge.  One tremor and you might yourself piecing it back together again – like Jenga.

I envy the person who can compartmentalize.  Kinda like that cafeteria meal tray – each sector nicely separated by a clearly defined border that keeps the one from ever contaminating the other.  Some hair in your corn – but thank goodness, the mashed potatoes are safe.

Not the case for me.  If the one is effected, so are the rest.  One bleeds directly into the other.  And it’s a laborious process – fitting it all back together.


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