romantic a.m. car rides through the fog

you could show me how to work my electronics

buy external hard drives


silk screen

we could make a movie together

shot on a flip cam

the soundtrack would be epic

night time beach walks

then sits

then lays

farmers market together

get some veggies

grill and drink wine

get all tangled up

braid our hair together

knock knees

beneath denim

sit on leather


dialogue about art

argue about art

then make up

wink wink

pick out hard wood floors

furnish the home

argue about that

and make up

could you please put your dirty clothes in the hamper?

sorry baby

wanna make up?

flower surprises

chocolate on pillows

love letters



for two

go to me

I’ll come to you

lets make waves

the ebb and flow

of how we do

each other

let’s sync up

upload me


to  you


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