God are you out there?  I can’t hear you right now – feel you.  I’m throwing punches in the air.  Feels like cutting through nothing. Completely unsatisfying. Like painting with the color: clear.  I’m living the soundtrack – Atonement.  There is an unsettling.  I pray you settle, dust.

People.  In and out like tides – I, the moon pushing them back and forth.

Lasso me – buffalo gals…

What draws them – only to wane them away – away with you.  What purpose do the start stops serve?  I’ve many half read books lying around.  Always coming – forever going.

you cannot come this time

instead you will write


send me a love poem

the “oh but if i coulds”

you will not

you will never be mine


cut from the same cloth

one with you

one with me

kid, you equal everything

i’m feeling strong now

we have to stop

just ten minutes more

no more

and what is it all for

the thrill of the

pretend i can have this

laptop lover


we live inside

a fiber wire

carry me home now

my home is in you

we are the same

we are alone



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