shifting disbelief to belief.

Things shift rather quickly with some minor adjustments to our thought life.  There is a force greater than our circumstances which is always at work within us.  We magnetize our will by fixating – demanding the best or expecting the worse.

Consequently, what is at work within most of us is naturally inclined to attract what is best.  When we resist this through our negative thought patterns, we neutralize its ability to bring us into all the good we hope for. We must change our thought patterns, align ourselves with what is good, expect the best, dream big.

If we simply discard all that does not align with what we hope for, replace it with the acceptance that we already have everything with limitless recourses already belonging to us, we will finally begin to actualize.

Faith?  Indeed.  It’s there to be discovered.  Seeing some light.


One comment

  1. Lonni Rae

    Monica, you are so wonderfully gifted with words…the way you are able to express your understanding of inner workings. wow, thank you…I really needed this today!!!


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