Even perfection has its limits, but your commands have no limit. – Psalms 119:96

I’ve forgotten how to write.  Or perhaps I’ve not had anything to say.

Swimming in a constant sea of information, rhetoric, proclamations of value – everything is diluted.  It cannot all be good and lovely and true.

It is good because it is right. Or because it was forged through trial and hardship to render you a virtue.  It means something because it resonates, teaches, improves and heals.  Not because it’s well packaged in a culturally relevant brand and liked by 50K.

Popular culture IS convention. Convention does not necessarily equate to utility.  And utility does not always imply the greater good.  Good cannot and should not be measured by an average of results or percentage of adoption.  It can only be measured its truth.

Test and check your motives – temper them – the freedom to think and act out of conviction and not mass hysteria, with liberty and justice for all.

It’s grown noisy.  Seek silence, open a window and let a little wind blow through. Create space.

Find freedom from the illusion of perfection, with all its limitations.  Remove any thing strove for which comes to an eventual end.  Be easy. Love peace.  And proclaim His Word if you are seeking something eternal.


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