1. the middle point or part of something.

It’s from our center that truth flows – the truth about who we are.

But it isn’t so easy as simply knowing.  We know that we want to live from our hearts – instead we find ourselves living on the outside.  We fashion a character…pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Yet, we cannot escape the nagging sense that there is something more of us to offer – more than what we’ve constructed.

You see, we are longing to be known.  And we cannot be known unless we are living from the inside out.  For it is from here that our heart, our true identity is found.

None of this is easy.  None of us who’ve held back the best parts of ourselves have done it on purpose.  Instead, we’ve learned to protect those parts as a result of some tragedy, some betrayal that’s left us battered.

The risk is too great to put it out there again.

But in our efforts to protect, we’ve wounded ourselves only further by remaining isolated and denying ourselves true intimacy.

And courage is needed – when we finally realize what we have done…become.  Because we know it’s going to hurt – the dismantling.  We also know that we must.  For in denying our self, we deny others.

They need us.  They need what is buried, deep down in the center.

Dare to live from your heart.


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