4 WORDS // [4] ALIVE

4 words alive
1. having life : not dead or inanimate.

I wrote a paper once.  In it, I described the feeling of weightlessly floating in the South Pacific off the small island of Tutuila in American Samoa.  The ocean is both magnificent and cruel.  Anyone who’s ever been caught in a rip-tide knows this – there is no fighting – you must simply give in.  The sheer terror of knowing that you are powerless to it, while affirming your own fragility, at the same time, makes you feel alive.

Perhaps we are most aware that we are living when we are confronted with the possibility of our own death. That’s really severe.  But it serves as a great point of basis for this:

Do we feel most alive when we are presented with opportunities to grow – when we are propelled towards something that scares us – when we are challenged to move beyond what has become comfortable or familiar?

I want to feel alive.

There are easy things in life that bring satisfaction – carnal pleasures for instance: food, sex, drugs.  But satisfaction from these things is often fleeting – if not all together illusory.

A sustainable sense of feeling alive might only come from those things which actually deeply satisfy our innate design – our purpose – our destiny.  We come fully alive when we actualize all that stirs within us and beckons us towards free.

We say I want to live, so we chase longings, dreams, our deepest desires.  We know this is what we need.

And yet, so many of us don’t.  We shirk our call to courage – because we know it is big – scary – even dangerous.  We are not ourselves – we are not alive.

Do we dare to find it? It’s calling.  And take heart, for we are all in this together. Won’t you live out your design?  Won’t you come alive?

Run for your life.


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